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Inner City Types love Banksy.


Catherine Deveny

An Inner City Type loved by Inner City Types.

Holidaying in Vietnam

Brings big bragging rights for an Inner City Type.

Wearing glasses

Inner City Types love wearing glasses.


Inner City Types love microbusiness. Usually recruitment consultancy (they once worked for Skilled) or graphic design (they own a mac and are good at creating flyers).

Operating from the spare back bedroom the next stage of their business plan is to move into a serviced office.

But first they have to create a website. Once that is done – big businesses will be knocking down the door of their single fronted terrace in North Fitzroy offering them all their work.

For added cred use your name in the business title and add ” & associates” at the end. I mean your cat can be an associate.


The place Inner City Types go when they need to get out of the inner city.

Living in London for a year

If you haven’t – ask yourself – are you really an Inner City Type?